To be the premiere institution supporting agricultural literacy in the Los Angeles Basin.

To increase the understanding, appreciation and participation of urban teachers and students in agriculture and nutrition through cooperative involvements of the California agricultural industry, educational institutions and community partners.

The 48th District Agricultural Association is a state entity, one of the 78 fair districts in the state. Our mandate is to put on a fair, which became increasingly difficult as we lost our fairgrounds and the area became more urbanized.

The 48th DAA has assembled teaching materials, including Common Core lessons, from diverse sources, and purchase or receive donations of books, hydroponics materials, bread kits, incubators and aquariums and chillers. Our resource center provides a one-stop shopping center for teachers - materials for about 60 projects in one place- so they can select a subject that coordinates with what they are required to teach in their grades.

The 48th DAA provides workshops on nutrition, hatching chicks, composting or planning and planting a Square Foot garden. Most projects are adaptable to a variety of grade levels.

Programs and materials are free of charge to teachers, in exchange for an exhibit to be displayed at our annual fair.

This program is important to continue the agricultural heritage of our area and our state and to promote healthy eating. It teaches students that food doesn't come from a grocery store, but from a farm or a garden, a plant or an animal-that the cotton in their T-shirts grew on a plant and the wool in their blanket began with a sheep.

Our dream is to give every student in our district the knowledge of the importance of agriculture and nutrition in all of our lives.