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Teacher Awards


Teachers Honorees

Pete Keuper, San Miguel Elementary Magnate
Don Bell, Pomona Catholic High
Anita Martinez-Chacon, Sage Oak Charter
Cathy Osman, Country Springs Elementary
Martha Treadway, Glazier Elementary (special award—over 25 years in program/fair)

School Honorees

Eastwood Elementary
La Mirada High, La Mirada
Newman Elementary
Dahlia Heights

School Garden Honorees

Janette Salce, La Primaria
Juvenal Martinez, Aeolian Elementary
Ann Sorvetti, Baldy View Elementary
Tom Weatherell, Upland High

What and Why

Schools' Agriculture and Nutrition Program
Silvia Bishop, CEO

Fair Info

Theme: Let it Grow 2016 Fair: May 17-21