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2019/2020 Teacher/School Awards

During the Teacher Recognition/Fair Kick-off luncheon on Saturday, January 11, 2020, the 48th DAA Board of Directors recognized the following teachers and schools!   Congratulations!

Teacher Honorees -- "You Make a Difference" Apple Award

Alexandria Shannon, Eastwood Elementary
Cathy Osman, Country Springs Elementary
Lisa Garcia-Cordes, Rivera Middle



School Honorees -- "You Make a Difference" Apple Award

Eastwood Elementary, Norwalk
Dahlia Heights Elementary, Los Angeles
Newman Elementary, Chino



School Garden Honorees -- "There is a School in Every Garden" Award

Alicia Cortez Elementary, Rochelle Moss
Dahlia Heights Elementary, Francie Kugelman
South Pasadena High, Don Wielenga

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Fair Info

The School in Every Garden By A.G. Kawamura
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2021 Virtual Fair: June 28 - July 2

Theme: Ag – Yesterday Today and Tomorrow
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